Austin City Limits Season 37 Intro Sequence

On October 1, 2011 the first episode of Austin City Limits’ 37th season broadcasted with a new opening sequence I created. I first shot the wide shot of downtown from the observation deck of the Austonian during SXSW and used that time-lapse sequence with some shots of the outside of the Moody Theater to pitch the idea. Once ACL’s producers were on board, they started the process of getting Explosions in the Sky to record the theme music. In the meantime I continued collecting potential shots to add into the piece. Terry Lickona (the Executive Producer of ACL) suggested the shot on Congress bridge, with the Austin City Limits sign, as a tribute to opening sequences from ACL’s past seasons. I am beyond words in expressing how pleased I am with how it turned out and the amazing opportunity to contribute in this way to Austin City Limits.

An updated version of this opening sequence will feature in season 38. ACL season 38 begins broadcasting on Oct. 6th, 2013.

More about this piece and how it was created: